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Imagine an art event where instead of looking at objects on walls we look at each other; where instead of going to see art, we become it; where people convene and converge with nature, arts, and each other to celebrate what makes us both unique and unified.

This is the inspiration behind MassQ Ball 2022: Origin. 

July 9th RSVP

Now Open!

part 1: context building

A six-part series of lectures, panels, and interactive workshops designed to deepen our collective understanding.

Pre-MassQ Ball Events
Daniel Callahan MassQ Workshopat the Arboretum

part 2: The MassQ Ball

The MassQ Ball 2022 will feature the diverse artistic expressions of Boston’s communities of color.

A space for connection and healing, this intergenerational, cross-cultural exhibition of the arts asks the question:

“If we, together, could author our own creation story, what would we create?”

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