What is the MassQ? 

MassQ: [ masque, mahsk ]: A ritual application of paint to the face in order to reveal one's inner state of being.


The alternative spelling of MassQ is to differentiate it from the concept of a mask. A mask is an object used to disguise, distort, protect and/or conceal one's true identity. The purpose of a MassQ, however, is to reveal something about ourselves.


What is MassQing?


In using the face as a canvas ,MassQing (the process through which the MassQ is created) requires all participants (artist, subject and viewer) to engage each other, face to face. MassQing is as much about this process of communion between people as about the final work that is created. Through MassQing art is no longer an object to look at, but a living breathing entity that can look back. Painting is how one does art, MassQing is how one becomes it.


MassQing derives from the ancient human phenomenon of body decoration practiced by nearly every indigenous culture on earth.​


Is MassQing safe?

Yes! MassQing uses regular children’s face paint, is great for those with sensitive skin, and 100% washable.​


Do I have to be MassQed?

No! Being MassQed is completely optional. We would love for any and everyone to experience this unique artform but will leave the decision to you.​


Can I wear make up?

As MassQing involves creating art on your face, we would prefer you to not wear makeup if you would like to be MassQed. We will provide makeup removal wipes to cleanse your face before we MassQ.​


What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful, what celebrates your culture, what puts you in the best light. That's what this event is all about! Need more specifics? We are encouraging folks to wear anything from dressy casual to snazzy to your favorite “night out on the town” outfit. More importantly, we want you to come authentically as you!.


Who are the performers?

See our Artists page for a full line up of cultural performing groups.

Is this a ticketed event?

Yes. Tickets range from $10 for children under the age of 12/seniors over the age of 65, to $25 general admission. Tickets can be purchased through our Eventbrite page.

Where is this happening?

The MassQuerade Ball 2017: Convergence is taking place at Hibernian Hall which is located in Roxbury. Click here for directions.

What’s the schedule?

The schedule includes live MassQing at 6:30pm with performances beginning at 8:00pm and a DJ dance party around 9:00pm. Doors will open at 6:15pm.