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[ masque, mahsk ]

A  MassQ is a ritual application of paint to the face in order to reveal one's inner state of being.

The alternative spelling of "MassQ" is to differentiate it from our common notion of masks as a tools used to hide, and/or conceal one's identity, or as a protective measure against harm (like the ones we've all become accustomed to wearing these past few years. 


The purpose of a MassQ is not to hide or conceal or protect but to reveal the truth that is within.


[ the creation of a MassQ ]

MassQing derives from the ancient tradition of body decoration practiced by nearly every indigenous culture on earth. 

In using the face as a canvas, MassQing is a ritual that requires all participants (artist, subject and viewer) to engage each other face to face; transforming people into art and art into life.


During the MassQ Ball attendees will have the opportunity to engage in this ritual firsthand.

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