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Your first point of transformation at MassQ Ball 2022: Origin is a meditative sound bath created by Asia (Aer) Ramos. Listen on your journey to MassQ Ball, during the outdoor performance itself and/or after the event is over for a grounding experience through sound.

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About Sound Baths

The power of sound healing deeply penetrates specific centers of energy located within the body (as known as chakras) and emits healing frequencies. Crystal and brass singing bowls are extremely effective tools to help guide the mind, body and soul into a deep relaxed and meditative state. Some benefits include:


* Deepening relaxation

* Lowering stress and anxiety 

* Improving mood and well-being

* Improving sleep

* Heightening focus and energy

* A feeling of rejuvenation


A Loving Vision of Divine Creativity Sound Bath

We begin our ventures with the soothing sounds of ocean waves, transcending time and space through the deep D notes of the Sacral Chakra, accompanied by the powerful G notes of the Throat Chakra and rich A and F notes of the Third Eye and Heart Chakras. 


The subtle intensity of the energy felt within the sacral chakra, creates the first spark in the physical body igniting creativity, passion, pleasure and joy. As we journey forward, we awaken the energy of unconditional divine love, inner peace, self-love through the heart chakra, forming a bridge between the body and soul. 


To unite and align the mind with the bridge formed between body and soul, we invoke the power of manifestation, enhanced intuition and foresight with the third eye and throat chakra. Transcending into a loving vision of divine creativity. 


Abundant Showers Sound Bath

Honoring the element of water, we surrender to our emotions, how we feel about self, what we fantasize about and how we express ourselves.


We dive deep into psyche focusing on the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras to welcome an enriching outlook on life starting within and radiating outwards. 


Basking in the abundant showers of positivity. 


The Cosmic Garden Sound Bath

Within ‘The Cosmic Garden,’ we enter a place that allows us to hone in on the Root, Solar Plexus, Heart and Third Eye Chakras. 


We access a source of personal power, self-esteem and stability allowing us to feel grounded and secure in our perception of self and everything surrounding us.

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