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Pre-ball EVENTS

Making of ceremonial vessels

Bengali culture worker Pampi invited attendees to weave love letters into hand-crafted

ceremonial vessels to their loved ones.

Photography by: Jeremy Suh

Massqing workshop

Artist Daniel Callahan teaches the origin and technique of MassQing

Photography by: Sarah Duarte & Jeremy Suh

African folklore lecture

SOUL: An Ancestor Workshop

Soul: An Ancestor Workshop was led by Castle of Our Skins Poet in Residence Marlanda Dekine who led participants through writing + meditation activities to access and communicate with our ancestors.

Photography by Nikolai Alexander

identity | culture | arts recap

The Identity | Culture | Arts Panel featured panelists Jenny Oliver, L'Merchie Frazier and Biplaw Rai who shared their knowledge, experience and insight with honesty, grace and generosity.

Photography by Lauren Miller

Dr. Liseli A. Fitzpatrick, a Trinidadian-scholar in the field of African Diasporic cosmologies and sacred ontologies, led an engaging lecture and discussion exploring African mythologies and folkloric cultures.

Photography by: Vanessa Leroy

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