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help us raise $20k!

Your tax-deductible donation will directly help support the dozens of artists, performers, and practitioners involved, as well as cover the remaining costs of needed supplies and materials.


With $20,000 left to raise from a nearly $90,000 project budget, we are looking to YOU, our community, to help us raise the funds needed to bring MassQ Ball 2022: Origin to life.


Every contribution helps. Every donation will have an impact.

Help us bring this unique and powerful arts & culture event to life!



WATER RING - $1,500+

What it does: Supports ONE performing ensemble/group to participate.

​​What you get: Dinner + a private MassQing session at your home.


SUN RING - $500+

What it does: Supports the creation of new MassQ artwork.

What you get: A limited edition MassQ print drop shipped to your door.


PLANT RING - $125+

What it does: Helps pay for supplies for the July 9th Ball.

What you get: A personalized "thank you!" sent straight to your mailbox.


FIRE RING - $750+

What it does: Supports ONE individual performing artist to participate.

What you get: A MassQing Session with Daniel at the July 9th Ball.


WIND RING - $250+

What it does: Supports ONE MassQer to participate in our July 9th Ball.

What you get: Access to behind the scenes content.



What it does: Supports ONE community leader in our think tank.

What you get: Your name listed on our website as a community supporter.

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